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How Deep Should We Dive To Rescue Those Who Are Drowning?

– Elisabeth Sauvage-Callaghan Let me make a confession. I was once a college dropout. My family had decided that, right after I had passed my Baccalauréat (the National exam taken at the end of one’s secondary studies in France) with … Continue reading

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When the Grinch Steals December

― Mel Michel Every few years it happens. Thanksgiving is at the very end of November. The VERY end of November. When this happens the days have gone grey and short like our attitudes and the attention spans of our … Continue reading

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Creating community when teaching online

― Rhonda L. Clark I teach in an online graduate program in library science. My students are often very appreciative of the opportunity for an online education; many would not otherwise be able to reach their educational goals. Nonetheless, such … Continue reading

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Connecting with Your Online Students

– Darla Ausel As many of you already know, connecting to students in an online class environment is much different than in the face-to-face classroom. However, the importance of this connection is highly valued by students and outside reviewers, and … Continue reading

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Reflecting on why I teach the way I do

— Naomi Bell O’Neil Growing up on a farm, the world was my classroom. I literally spent my days exploring in the fields and woods, creating all sorts of imaginations that filled my head with dreams and goals. My dad … Continue reading

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Talking Politics: Clarion in Context

― Melissa K. Downes Good things happen here at Clarion: great teaching, thoughtful colleagues and committed mentors, performances and projects that surprise and delight, and moments when students rise above their own or our expectations or teachers see new and exciting ways to … Continue reading

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