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Looking Back and Moving Forward: 537 Clarion

— Leah Chambers and Rich Lane This spring marks the fourth semester since the opening of the 537 Clarion: Community Learning Workshop, which provides drop-in homework help, tutoring, and educational programs to residents of Clarion and surrounding communities. And as … Continue reading

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Why Men Should Help Women Succeed

— Jamie L. Phillips Some questions are difficult to answer—not because they are complex—but because they do not seem in desperate need of asking. I don’t ask others why they enter buildings through doorways instead of through windows, why they wear … Continue reading

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What Do Women Still Need?

— Janet Knepper Gone are the days when the mention of a female department chair elicits laughter; and judging by my first-year writing classes and my upper-level seminars, the majority of women have no trouble holding their own in the … Continue reading

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Dear Freaking Out 2

Dear Ms. Scholar, One of my students has disclosed that she is cutting herself on a regular basis. She says that she is not thinking about suicide and that she trusts me, but I really don’t know what I should … Continue reading

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Service Learning: Why Do It?

— Marité Rodriguez Haynes In the last few years, I have incorporated service learning (SL) into my classes; these projects are always students’ favorite part of the class. Why not let them have some fun while they put to work … Continue reading

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