What changes, if any, should we make?

  • I am unsure how, but I feel that the group discussions need altered somehow.
  • I think possibly showing the correct answers to the quiz questions we got wrong might be a big help.  After some quizzes I think I got every one correct until I submit it and I’m always wondering which ones I got wrong.
  • I prefer due dates to be the same date for assignments in a particular class.  It makes my organizing a little easier. But I think I’ve got a handle on most of it now so don’t feel like it needs to be changed.
  • i do not feel any changes need to be made it is all on my part.
  • Eliminate Mindtap for next semester as I don’t think the program is worth and affordable for the college student budget. The site has too many technical difficulties.
  • I don’t care for MindTap
  • I think this class is great, just the way it is now. I just need to rework my studying schedule and manage my time better. I am also attending 3 other classes online and work a part-time retail job.
  • None at the moment.
  • None
  • None for me,just keep the time limits status quo, so we have ample time to finish assignments.
  • I would love to see the correct answers for the post-tests each week. I think that would be very helpful for the unit quizzes. I’d love to see some guided discussions on the case study type questions on the test. Sometimes on the tests they’re worded just differently enough from the text that I’m not sure I’m answering correctly.
    I wish we could skip the group work. My group was incredibly frustrating to work with.
  • n/a
  • I really like the information and that different platforms that are being provided in this course.  I also like the fact that you are very quick to respond to any of our questions when they arise.
  • I think that for listening the assignments, have links for them instead of just numbering them, so that each thing we need to do can have a check next to it so we can make sure we completed it. Also, I think instead of listening the chapters, maybe put week by week.
  • N/A
  • I think everything is running smoothly and changes aren’t necessary.
  • Nothing.
  • No changes!
  • Well pretty much what I’ve stated above, unlimited time on the Post Tests and allow us to see what we have missed on quizzes and test so we can learn from the mistakes.
  • The answers to the post tests and quizzes should be available once the testing period is closed, or at least which ones you got wrong. I understand the reasoning but if you don’t even know which ones you got wrong how do you know which answers to look for?
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2 Responses to What changes, if any, should we make?

  1. drolivas says:

    What is the difference between your “tests and post-tests” Jeanne? I am not sure I understood that from the article… And, before I forget: Thanks for sharing!!! Keep up the great work!!


  2. jslattery22 says:

    The post-tests are chapter post-tests. The tests cover five chapters.

    Thanks much, Miguel! When are you writing??? Jeanne


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