What is going well in our course?

(responses to a mid-semester assessment)

  • “The fact that you have uploaded the videos on D2L, helped ease my worry for taking an online class. This is because I am still technically being taught by a person, not completely by myself or by a computer.”

  • “I like the set up of your class and the tools on Mindtap are very helpful.  I use the audio feature to read the chapters and that has been a huge help with me getting things done in a timely manner.  I really feel like I’m understanding the material because I have been doing well on the chapter post quiz and exam.”
  • I enjoy completing the case studies on MindTap. I also find ease in completing the post tests after reading the chapter.

  • “I am very interested in the information that is being provided in this course both personally and professionally because of how it relates to my job.  I believe that this will give me an even better understanding of the different mental and physically disabled students that I work with and will allow me to have a much better idea of what these students may or may not be dealing with.”

  • “I personality think that the post test, and the different kinds of learning like the case studies and surveys work well together. I like that there are different forms of applying what your reading, it helps me think of the material in a different way.”

  • “I’m finding the topics to be complex and interesting. The videos make the work and reading more understandable.”

  • “I think that I am really starting to like reading about the disorders and how they affect people.  I am very excited about reading about the major disorders and learning about them!!”

  • “The quizzes are going well and helping a lot with the tests at the end of each unit! Also, the information is useful and very informative.”

  • “Everything, I love the set up of the class and the assignments we do.”

  • “The discussion group was not a great success for my group.  Otherwise, I think the course is going fairly well, although having the timed Post Test is quite difficult.  I do like that you videotape yourself while giving your lecture.  I feel like I am in the classroom.  Out of all the courses I’ve taken so far, you are the first professor I’ve had teach this way.”

  • “I feel like everything is going extremely well in the course. I have had plenty of time completing my assignments and I feel like I am completing them accurately.”

  • “Mind Tap is easy to follow.

    “Videos/Power points informative.”

  • “i am enjoying this class and all the new information. I would like my test scores to improve i will be focusing on gathering more information. Mind tap is extremely helpful.”

  • “The topics of discussion are interesting and there is a lot of information available to clarify the topics. Also I was not aware of the vast amount of Abnormal disorders and recently while reading the eating disorder chapter I learned obesity is not considered an eating disorder. That blew my mind!”

  • “I feel that I am learning a great deal in this course. For the most part I do very well and have only missed a few points here and there. I like that you supplement the text with videos of yourself explaining the topics as well as additional videos and powerpoints. This is very helpful and it absolutely reinforces the text.”

  • “I can clearly see what I need to get done for the week and I have to option to work ahead.”

  • “Overall I’m doing pretty well in the course so far.”

  • “I enjoy all the learned information and the pleasantness of the instructor. The information is easy to follow and enough time is allotted to complete.”

  • “Not sure”

  • “I like all the videos, I think it helps with distance learning.”

  • “I think it is going well. I like how there is a post test after every chapter so I can get a feel for my understanding of the information. I also think mind tap is very useful.”

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