What isn’t going as well for you?

(responses to a mid-semester assessment)

  • “I know that it is a part of online classes, but group projects on here a difficult because without meeting face-to-face, alot of the agreements are prolonged. It takes twice as long to come to an agreement and is much harder to put together a flowing piece of work. Also some of the items on mindtap can be frustrating. For example, how to work the case studies is a little unclear. Like, apparently we can have more than 1 attempt at it before we turn it in, but I am unsure how to make that work. I also started the continuum project, tried to save my image afterwards then hit back and it erased all my work. Apparently we had to have the time to do it all right then and could not just start it and check it out in between classes.”

  • “I don’t have any concerns for this area.”
  • “I usually spend a whole day reading a chapter, and even with multiple breaks, by the end of the day my eyes are reading but my mind doesn’t always retain the large amount of information.”
  • “I wish that I had more to devote to this course and my other ones as well.  I am trying to balance a hectic time in my life where I have my 3 young children with me during the day while mommy works, with my job that is all 3-11 shifts and then completing my course work.  I am trying to get as much done as possible during the day while the kids nap but i find it easier to do the bulk of my course work after 11pm when I get home because it is quiet and everyone is sleeping (except for last week due to our youngest having double ear infections), but I am not getting enough sleep and it is wearing on me.  I yearn for the days for when I was in school and didn’t have a job, family or responsibility for that matter.Reading and learning about stress, anxiety and sleep disorders is starting to sound familiar when seeing my own present situation (haha).  I will graduate either this summer or in the fall and it will be that much sweeter though.”
  • “Sometimes the post test take me longer then I would like even though I have read the material. I am not complaining though because I am not the best test taker, but I like that there is unlimited time.”
  • “I have a very up and down work schedule so I would like to get things done days before the due date, but these past weeks have made it impossible.”
  • “For me I have a little bit of trouble keeping all the brain functions straight and what function affects what disorder.”
  • “Getting d2l to work at times and notify me when things are ready to be turned in. Also, mindtap is a little confusing at times, but I am getting the hang of it”
  • “Everything is going good. I have a little trouble with the wording of post-tests, but that is it.”
  • “I would like to know what questions I have missed on the Post Test 1 as well as the quizzes.  I would then like to go back and re-read and understand why I missed the question and understand the idea behind the question.  There may be important concepts that I’ve missed.”
  • “Everything is going great!”
  • “Missed a Case Study – assignments due on different days”
  • “oh my grades need to improve.”
  • “Time Management of course for reading assignments!
  • I missed 5 questions on the first exam which I didn’t feel was too detrimental. However, I do not like that each question is worth 2 points a piece. If the questions were graded for explanation I could understand the point system and each question being worth more than one. For multiple choice though I feel it to be a little overkill having the questions equal 2. So you miss a question but get punished twice for it? I just really don’t like that part. I like the case studies however I don’t do as well as I think I will on them. I always seem to miss the ones I was sure I was correct on. That is frustrating.
  • I get confused trying to do the case studies. I find it difficult to diagnose someone.
  • The group project felt like a disaster to me. Most of my group was not involved in the project at all.
  • So far so good!!!! no complaints
  • Time Management
  • I felt the group assignment didn’t work out very well. I think a wiki page would have been better. That way each person could have been responsible for a part of the assignment.
  • I can’t think of anything at this point.
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