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We’re Thankful for All of You

— Jeanne M. Slattery and Melissa K. Downes In a conversation with faculty members in the early fall, one person (not a faculty member or administrator) told a series of anecdotes about faculty who had allegedly behaved in ways that were … Continue reading

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Dear Teaching Totally Techless

Dear Ms. Scholar, I’m teaching a student who is totally techless. He’s opened D2L only a few times, doesn’t use email, and doesn’t know how to perform what I see as pretty basic computer functions. He attends class regularly and seems … Continue reading

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Chekhov Caribbean-Style and Other Adventures in Teaching Literature

– Ellen Foster I spent the 2014/2015 academic year teaching English at the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) St. Thomas campus. As a veteran professor assigned a typical load of first-year writing and introductory literature courses, I expected my … Continue reading

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I’m From a Completely Different Culture

– Jeanne M. Slattery When we moved here, my husband and I were talking with incoming students before the start of the semester. “Are you from around here?” we asked. “No,” said the student’s brother, “I am from Sligo.” (Google … Continue reading

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Dear Not Tech-savvy

Dear Ms. Scholar, I’m not tech-savvy. My students and department, however, expect me to use all sorts of technologies all the time. Some of my colleagues go so far as to say that we must adapt to these new Millennials … Continue reading

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