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Final Assignments: What Did We Learn?

– Jeanne M. Slattery The end of the semester is a time for reflection. My final class assignment is often some type of reflection about the semester. In my internship course, I ask my students to evaluate their experiences both … Continue reading

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Everything Is Easy… Until It’s Hard

– Melissa K. Downes Earlier this term, Hand in Hand published Paul Woodburne’s essay, “Everything is Hard – Until It Is Easy.” As Jeanne and I read it over and edited it for publication, I knew it was a good essay, … Continue reading

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Dear Worried Sick

Dear Ms. Scholar, I have a student in class who is visibly depressed. She no longer interacts with her classmates, appears less engaged and more apathetic than in previous semesters, is performing more poorly on homework, and is missing class … Continue reading

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Letters of Recommendation: Don’t Damn Them With Faint Praise

– Elisabeth Sauvage-Callaghan I have been thinking about letters of recommendation lately – and that’s because I have read a great number of them over the past week or so, while reviewing applications for a position here at Clarion University … Continue reading

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Why Pennsylvania Should Invest in Its Public Universities

 – Melissa K. Downes and Jeanne M. Slattery It’s April again, and we’re paying our taxes. We suspect that no one really likes paying taxes (though we have no hard evidence for this). No one says, “I’ve just done an … Continue reading

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