Partners in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Hand in Hand is a product of Partners in Teaching, Learning and Assessment at Clarion University. We are seeking articles on general rather than discipline-specific ideas about teaching for future blog posts. Articles can be on teaching philosophies, technology use, best practices, pedagogy, or on books you’ve read about teaching, but should be no longer than 1200 words (most will be between 300 and 1000 words).

Some ideas? Why and how do you use the latest technology in your classes? Why do you use chalk, but nothing else? What do you do to keep energized? How have you learned to make lemonade out of lemons? What did you learn as a new first-time teacher? What do you wish you’d known as a first-time teacher that you know now? How has your teaching of on-line courses changed across time? How have you reframed your role as a teacher over time?

Need more ideas? Just take us out for coffee and we can brainstorm with you.

Articles or ideas for articles should be sent in Word to either of the editors, Jeanne Slattery <jslattery@clarion.edu> or Melissa Downes <mdownes@clarion.edu>. All blog posts are peer-reviewed prior to acceptance. If you are interested in joining the HiH editorial staff, please email letting us know.

HiH is dedicated to recognizing good teaching at Clarion, fostering excellence in teaching, and creating an environment that fosters learning among students and faculty alike, and is one of several ongoing products of Partners in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. We’re thankful to APSCUF for their financial and emotional support of our work.

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