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Syllabi: A tool to build success

– Jeanne M. Slattery I spend a good part of my summer reflecting on last year and looking forward to next. I began editing my syllabi last semester during our course, more seriously edited them at the end of the … Continue reading

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Adulting 101

– Jeanne M. Slattery When I write a syllabus, I usually identify course goals such as critical thinking, application of theory, oral and written communication skills, career development, and information literacy. I don’t say that I want to prepare my … Continue reading

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Dear Bully in the Classroom

Dear Ms. Scholar, How do you deal with difficult, confrontational students who blame you for everything and get angry when you (very politely, and in the most tactful manner) give them negative feedback on their work? I have such a … Continue reading

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Reflections on Retirement

– Janina M. Jolley 12/15/2018 This morning, I stood in front of my class to deliver the last lecture of my career. After 38 years of teaching, this was the long-anticipated moment when I would walk through the door to … Continue reading

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Making It Right

– Valerie Lorient I am a Haitian immigrant and a nontraditional student. I have experienced domestic violence and had mental health problems as a result. My financial resources have often been limited. It has been a long time coming, but … Continue reading

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Task-Based Instruction: Creating and Doing in the French Classroom

– Elisabeth Sauvage-Callaghan As I am preparing to retire after some 30 years of having taught French at the college level (that is, if I count my years as a Teaching Assistant and Teaching Fellow at Pitt), I occasionally ponder … Continue reading

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Inquiry Seminars: Am I Teaching?

– Paul Woodburne In the fall of 2018, I taught my first Inquiry Seminar on computer games.  I first discussed this class some years ago when Shannon Nix was still here.  Usually when I start a class in a 15-week … Continue reading

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