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I love my job, I hate my job, I love my job. I …

– Marilouise Michel The classroom feeds me. Well of course not literally. I guess my teaching in the classroom facilitates the paycheck that feeds me. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who, once I get in the classroom, … Continue reading

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Dear C is a Failing Grade

Dear Ms. Scholar, I recently saw the statistics on the numbers of As given in college classes nationwide. When more than 45% of students receive As, should we even give Ds and Fs? Perhaps C is a failing grade. Should … Continue reading

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Distance Education? A Correspondence Course?

– Paul Woodburne An event of potentially earthshaking importance occurred recently. This event was the “Western Governors Title IV” ruling (U.S. Department of Education, Office of Inspector General [USDOE-OIP], 2017). Essentially, this online university has to pay back over $700 … Continue reading

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What is a Leader?

– Jeanne M. Slattery As I write this, I am in Harrisburg. I am on the executive committee of my state organization, a group with almost 3000 members and a budget of more than $1m per year (when our foundation … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Reflection

– Melissa K. Downes When I first started teaching, my enthusiasm, content knowledge, emphasis on discussion, and strong emphasis on reflection were my primary teaching strengths. It took me some time to realize that reflection was not something that every … Continue reading

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Dear Best Intentions

Dear Ms. Scholar, Last semester, despite my best intentions, I had some real problems with cheating. I had a student who plagiarized on a paper, another who repeatedly took exams late, and students in an online course who requested much … Continue reading

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When the Task Calls for A Hammer

– Jeanne M. Slattery When I was an undergraduate, my faculty used chalk and chalkboards: they were Sages on the Stage. That works well for some faculty and some students, but this strategy often falls short for students who are … Continue reading

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