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10 Myths That Damage a University. Part 2: Is College Worth It?

– Jeanne M. Slattery and Melissa K. Downes Melissa often has her composition students write their final papers on issues related to higher education. Many of her students choose the topic “Is College Worth It?” and many of those students … Continue reading

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Why college? Why a college like Clarion?

—Jeanne M. Slattery and Carie Forden Amber was a first-generation, nontraditional college student who started off at our smaller branch campus in Oil City. I (CF) was her academic advisor, and I spent our first meeting assuring her that “everything … Continue reading

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What Did You Learn?

—Jeanne M. Slattery Earlier this semester, my Senior Seminar students and I were reading about what they should be learning in college and considering how their educations matched these ideals. More recently, I asked them to consider what they have … Continue reading

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