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Dear Mentor

Dear Ms. Scholar, I am worried about the new faculty in my department and want them to be happy. I want them willing to stay here and be productive members of our department. Any suggestions? Dear Mentor, The university is … Continue reading

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Making It Right

– Valerie Lorient I am a Haitian immigrant and a nontraditional student. I have experienced domestic violence and had mental health problems as a result. My financial resources have often been limited. It has been a long time coming, but … Continue reading

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Self-fulfilling prophecies

— Jeanne M. Slattery Yesterday my freshmen and I were talking about optimism, pessimism, and the role of thinking: “No one can make you feel any particular thing without your permission. It’s your thoughts that make you feel a particular … Continue reading

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Advising is like birdwatching

— Joseph Croskey I don’t feed the birds because they need me; I feed the birds because I need them. – Kathi Hutton I think that watching birds is a delightful experience. Similarly, I genuinely enjoy advising students, providing them … Continue reading

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Poetry Matters

— Hannah Gloeckl What started as an idea to produce a small service-learning project turned into a three-week literacy campaign, now called Poetry Matters. When Dr. Downes and I first brainstormed on the subject of my Honors project during the … Continue reading

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Melissa’s (Long) Postscript: Feeling Proud

— Melissa K. Downes I’ve known Hannah Gloeckl for several years and have always been impressed by how thoughtful, smart, and dedicated she is, but getting to see her tackle this project makes me even more proud. Hannah designed the … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Avid Advisor

— Kathleen A. Welsch I have a confession to make. I enjoy advising. On its most basic level, the process of guiding students to a four-year graduation is like a logic problem. Making sure that advisees meet general education, major, … Continue reading

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