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Self-fulfilling prophecies

— Jeanne M. Slattery Yesterday my freshmen and I were talking about optimism, pessimism, and the role of thinking: “No one can make you feel any particular thing without your permission. It’s your thoughts that make you feel a particular … Continue reading

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The Language We Use

– Jeanne M. Slattery and Melissa K. Downes Words matter. Words can hurt another person’s feelings. The words we use and the words we hear can hide people’s strengths or help people recognize their abilities (e.g., pathology-focused vs. Person First … Continue reading

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Ten (Unproven) Ways to Build a Growth Mindset

– Jeanne M. Slattery Like you, I want my students to succeed. I want my students to see themselves as capable of personal, academic, and professional success. Unfortunately, many of our students see themselves as incapable of success: “I can’t … Continue reading

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Dear Still Filled with Anger

Dear Ms. Scholar, I’ve been in a very conflict-filled situation in my department. The particular problem has been at least partially resolved, but I am still filled with a lot of anger. Unfortunately, some of that anger is being misdirected … Continue reading

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Helping Four Types of Students Who “Don’t Do Well On Tests”: The Unprepared, the Improperly Prepared, the Panicking, and the Stuck

– Mark Mitchell Ideally, students’ answers to in-class exam questions would show that students have learned from the class. Many students, however, have difficulty demonstrating this learning, even if they have learned it. For example, suppose I ask my students … Continue reading

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Fostering Student Success: Accessibility or Accommodations?

– Jeanne M. Slattery My great-aunt Philla went to graduate school in English at University of Chicago, but dropped out after her master’s because women were not allowed in the faculty lounge, where seminars met. She taught at a college … Continue reading

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Matters of Mentoring / Mentoring Matters

— Jeanne M. Slattery One of my concerns about teaching online for the first time stems from my questioning of the assumption that the most important thing that happens in college is the transmission of content knowledge from professor to … Continue reading

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