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Helping Four Types of Students Who “Don’t Do Well On Tests”: The Unprepared, the Improperly Prepared, the Panicking, and the Stuck

– Mark Mitchell Ideally, students’ answers to in-class exam questions would show that students have learned from the class. Many students, however, have difficulty demonstrating this learning, even if they have learned it. For example, suppose I ask my students … Continue reading

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Tips for Students Who “Don’t Do Well on Exams”

– Mark L. Mitchell If you are one of the many students who think you don’t do well on exams, this handout will help you – if you do two things: Accept that test-taking skills, like most skills, can be … Continue reading

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Using tests to meet course goals

― Jeanne M. Slattery I am teaching a course that I haven’t taught in six years. While coming back to an old course sometimes feels like more work than developing a new one, it’s been useful to see this course … Continue reading

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